by Katër Mass

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tim gill (guitar/vocals on 1,3,7,9,10)
phil lewin (guitar/vocals on 2,4,6,11)
nick gomez (bass/vocals on 5,8)
patrick goral (drums)

released by added warmth recordings and pizza tomb records.
to order on cassette, visit:

Added Warmth Recordings

Pizza Tomb Records

recorded and mixed by mike albanese at espresso machine
mastered by joel hatstat
artwork by sasha schilbrack-cole


released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Katër Mass Athens, Georgia

punk band from athens, ga

members of
echoes of harpers ferry
reeks of failure

tim - guitar, vocals
phil - guitar, vocals
nick - bass, vocals
patrick - drums
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Track Name: Brain Dead
i went to work maybe three days in five, and the other two i just slept in. i was up braindead from watching brain dead, and i was always around. i don't know why i even bother with all those things that don't make me feel whole. what's the truth is what i probably need to do ain't what i really need.
Track Name: Circles
everything you leave is still left behind. like the images that are burned in my mind. an old man shivers in the rain. a girl in a black dress spinning out of time. drunk on a moment. i was drunk then too. but i’m sober now, left with residuals that i can’t square. a line of best fit through scattered objects that i can’t estimate. you ask who you are, and the evidence is all around. but you don’t want it, don’t really get it, existence can be so unclear. a path of circles leading nowhere, until you come back around to face who you are.
Track Name: Rotten
fuck the why. fuck the reasons why you got this way. sundays you always feel contrite, but we can ride these waves out of this storm. we can ride them out into the day. we’re drawing flies, we’re dressed in maggots, and it’s rotting in here. our minds are graveyards, and we’re entombed. our minds are graveyards, and we’re rotting in here, but we will find a light out of this cave.
Track Name: Crawl
if i told you there was another way to be, would you believe me? do you trust me when i say that underneath your crusted scars a flower waits to bloom? if i told you i know how it feels to sink so deep into the ground that the clouds disappear, would you believe me? do you trust me when i say that you can still crawl out of the quicksand? i would carry you, i would. i would carry you, if i could.
Track Name: Home
i keep trying to make these connections with these feelings that i never had. the lost objects i attempt to recover from a past i don’t care to remember. nostalgia keeps calling me back home, but i don’t recognize any of the faces. won’t you come home? won’t you call this home? i don’t know how. it just doesn’t feel the same. can i trust all these thoughts underwhelming me while i quantify the world in which i’m drowning? partitioned out without knowing the unit, the split i suffered was a blessing in disguise. this word it has no meaning. the language fails us. this word it has no meaning. i failed you.
Track Name: Trinkets
i still have the shirt that you gave to me, february 2003. it was drenched in your skin, with an outline of your palm. now the scent is gone, and your words are peeling off the page. i thought that they’d always be there, refracted through my remains. that the trinkets would part a wave of sound through our bygone days. but even relics must expire. time is kind and cruel. you wrote “i’ll never forget you.” i hope you do. the flowers you bought me all died. the pedals withered and browned. rotten, a compost, parched dry.
Track Name: Oxygen
you’ve wasted more years trapped in these ricochets. it’s suffocating. these words ripped out. they’re dusted and completed on arrival. perform the morning and wonder how this penetrates or even factors into lives? does it enter or are we just complaining? or complacent? while i’m just sleeping and reading, i’m still complaining. some days you think you felt more alive moving oxygen in a '94 ford tempo from e. 45th to the summit line. you feel for something more, something tangible, something directly consequential with what we do with our lives.
Track Name: Vera Lynn
does anybody remember vera lynn? remember how she sang that we would meet again some sunny day? hands on the wheel. hear the engine turn. throw it all in. escape is worth the risk. i’ll stay behind, i’ll never turn grey. you know who you are. they can’t take that away from you now. these pills that you take expose the demons inside. dig into yourself. don’t be afraid of what you find. you’ll find out who you are. don’t give up. the cuts are deep, but the blood won’t flow. be proud of your scars. your flaws are beautiful. the silence from home will be broken with time. it’s hard to accept with a faith so deep, but i have faith in you. don’t stop questioning.
Track Name: Portrait
i might have played out my past. if i had severed the objects that anchor me there. if i had unlocked every moment encased in an iron frame. indestructible memories that i can't change. i thought i killed it, but it's still there. i thought i killed it, but it's always there. my history is a lock without a key. a double helix fate. a memory infection i can’t cure. the specters of my face are irredeemable. they keep me broken. they expose who i never was. they expose a history not undone.