[kaht​-​ur mahs]

by Katër Mass

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recorded at japanski studios

tim - guitar/vocals on 1,3,4,8
phil - guitar/vocals on 2,5,7
nick - bass/vocals on 6
andrew - drums/vocals


released March 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Katër Mass Athens, Georgia

punk band from athens, ga

members of
echoes of harpers ferry
reeks of failure

tim - guitar, vocals
phil - guitar, vocals
nick - bass, vocals
patrick - drums
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Track Name: pipefitter
i know you never wanted
john or i to do it
Track Name: prince ave.
some days i can't breathe
in these other towns
and i need to go back home
to athens, to athens, my home
this is my home
i have a home
riding down prince
drunk and alone
riding my bike
i feel all right
shadows line the bar stools
but i'm still here
and it's all right
this is my home
Track Name: excessive debt to income ratio
we started out on the second floor
we got fucked up and we broke out windows
and that makes sense
but now i'm drowning in notices
of deferments and more deferments and
if i could roll that time back i would still go

i kind of find it funny
although it don't make any sense
when you're eighteen
and you'd rather fake your own death
[and go live in antarctica]

you've run out of options
you've run out of time
Track Name: cement shoes
maybe i've grown cold
curmudgeon days?
Track Name: geist
some things
they don't ever change
history repeats itself twice
first as tragedy, then as farce
it's better to laugh than to cry

tonight i'll drink with my friends
it's how i know to heal my pain
it won't change what'll always happen
but it'll makes it easier this time

because what hasn't killed me
hasn't made me any stronger
it's just left me bitter and jaded
but i know a well of hope
springs from somewhere
in between my friends and these beers

and when i find it
the drinks will be on me
a round for every time that we've gone down
so sit with me tonight
on these creaky bar stools
we all need a friend sometimes

[note: phil found it, so hound him for a drink]
Track Name: goodbye to youth
outside the night was so cold
our stories they poured from our souls
they danced and sang out of key
but we didn’t care
if only i could have said more

the connections we had have fallen apart
passed away, nothing has been the same
i hope tomorrow has been good to you
like it has for me, just like you said

if only i could have done more
if only i could have said
the burning stars as our witnesses
we deconstructed ourselves
explored the pieces glimmering in moonlight
didn’t matter who’s was who’s
our fragility and fear we put on display
but we didn’t judge
that night we said goodbye to our youth

carefully i pack all that was undone
in a black box with no label
the remnants are still on the floor
like we chose it to be
if only i could have done more
Track Name: sefer ha'nisraf
i still feel your warm breath on my neck at night
and i still smell the scent of your hands on the dried ink
when i close my eyes i see myself in the sallow pages
but when i touch the wick to your words
the book won't burn
i want (to hear your voice)
i don't (want to see your face)
i really wanted to know who you are
now i don't really care
Track Name: francistown
i couldn't figure it out, what it was,
now i don't care less, man.